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Airboat rides

Airboat rides


airboat tours

Airboat near road on Tamiami trail

What a great way to see the wonders of the Everglades. Traveling across untouched grasslands in the comfort of a boat while the speed rushes air through your hair. As you slide up to an american alligator snuggled in it,s nest a thrill runs through you. Birds fly up over head as the boat pass just to settle to feed on shrimp or small fish.

Everglades city has become the airboat capital of Florida. Tourist will find many things to do such as the boat tours at the Everglades national park headquarters. Ted Smallwoods store from the 1900′s just south on the next island shows life as it was 100 years ago for the locals.But airboat tours remain the top tourist attraction for the area. Located close to Naples or Marco island this small island in the 10,000 islands is a place not to overlook for Florida boat tours of all kinds.

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