Preparing for travel

Preparing for travel

sunsetThe outdoors in south Florida brings challenges: sun, heat, and biting insects. There is a reason that we are called the Sunshine State, so sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are a must. Our seasons are not like they are up north – we have a wet season and a dry season. Dry season is from November through May, and wet season lasts from June to October.

The summer months also bring the heat and humidity, but at the same time, the summer months are some of the lusher and more dramatic times in the Glades (especially for photography). Many people miss a beautiful time in the Everglades because the heat and insects keep them away. There have been times during the summer when it seemed as though I was the only one in the park! (more…)

Travel through the wild

adventureEnjoy a guided boat tour in the 10,000 Islands; Experience kayak fishing in the Everglades National Park backcountry; Canoe through magnificent mangrove tunnels; Enjoy a guided bicycle tour amongst old-growth cypress hammocks; Catch tarpon and snook on a guided fishing trip; Hike into the prairies, wetlands and sloughs to find rare orchids; Take a guided birding trip; or over fly the entire area in a float plane.